Grand Capital аffiliate program — make business with a trusted financial broker

  • Attract customers
    in any way you can

  • Customers trade
    on our platform

  • You get rewarded
    for every customer's trade

  • 15 languages

  • 144 countries

  • 17 years in the market

Affiliate Reward Models That We Offer You

We believe that a partnership must be a win-win collaboration that satisfies everyone: client, broker, partner

We pay
UP TO 70 %
of the client's commissions
  • 30-50% of the spread
    on Forex and Metals
  • 30-40% of the commissions
    on ECN and MT5 account types
  • Up to 70% of the commissions
    on CFD contracts
We pay
for each client's trading lot

Set the desired markup regardless of the asset group and volatility.

  • The payout per lot depends on the markup
  • Markup size can be customized
We are ready to offer you an
payout model


  • A hybrid reward model
  • Frequency of payments
  • A custom payout model

depending on your business model

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Sign in, join the affiliate program and negotiate your reward model with personal manager.


Features of the Grand Capital affiliate program

Our advantage is a personal approach to each partner

Daily reward

Rewards for trades made by clients are accrued daily. Watch it in details in your automatic report.

Multilevel affiliate system

We have set up an automatic system of sub-partners to create an affiliate network.

Stable payments on time

For 17 years, Grand Capital has paid stable fees to its partners.

Personal manager

A personal manager speaks your language and supports you in everything.

Loyalty for long-term cooperation

We thank our partners who work with us constantly for a long time without breaks.

Marketing support

Professional articles on affiliate marketing, conferences, training materials for partners.

Extra tools of advanced profit maximization that you can choose from

These options are available for partners who have already shown a stable result in attracting clients. It is provided optionally after discussing the terms of work with your personal manager.

  • Work with clients on your own

You can process incoming registrations yourself, provided you meet our quality standards.

  • Business development consulting

Let our experts help you scale and accelerate your business.

  • On-demand marketing department

You can order individual designs of promo materials. We are ready to create landing pages, banners, SMM designs, videos, etc. for you.

  • Professional analytical platform

Use the Power BI platform: manage traffic, analyze client activity (trading, deals, assets, deposits) using detailed reports.

  • Financing of your business growth

Open an offline office and negotiate a lifetime opportunity of financial support from us after at least 2 months of efficient cooperation.

  • Custom bonuses and promotions

Add value for your clients with exclusive promos and take user acquisition to the next level.

Who can profit with our affiliate program? Everyone.

Grow professionally by earning with us

Introducing Brokers (IBs) and
Master Introducing Brokers (MIBs)

Make the most of your business with what is considered as the industry's most flexible partnership terms.

Experienced traders

Take your income to the next level. Our platform gives you even more room to succeed with flexible commission settings.

Owners of websites & online communities

Advertise our products to monetize your online source.

Webmasters, traffic, marketing and user acquisitions specialists

Earn a decent income by attracting traders to our platform any way you like.

Owners of trading schools, tutors

Get unique customer offers for your students by becoming our official partner.

Funds and money managers

Trade on unique terms and make money for your customers with a copy trading system.

Developers of trading robots or trading systems
Content creators
Business coaches and public speakers
Driven individuals who want to make money

How to Acquire Users With Us

Through Trading

Attract traders to make profits on the financial markets.
  • Low entry barriers with a minimum deposit of only 10 USD.
  • Regular promotions and bonuses for customers.
  • 500+ trading assets in 11 classes.
  • Trading is carried out in MT4 / MT5 / WebTrader.
  • Flawless performance and attractive trading conditions.
  • A wide range of account types to suit any style of trading:
    • Accounts with bonuses that can be used to cover drawdowns.
    • Swap-free accounts with no hidden commissions.
    • Accounts with adjustable commissions to trade large volumes.
  • Professional Customer Support and a personal manager for each trader.

Through Investing in Trading Strategies

Attract investors to the copy trading system for passive income.
  • Create a trading strategy and attract investors to it to earn double income:
    • As a partner - from client's commissions.
    • As a money manager - from investor's profits.
  • Optimal entry requirements from 100 USD.
  • Investing in copy trading generates passive income that exceeds bank deposits.
  • Smart investments with a Risk Ratio:

    An investor is not dependent on the manager's trading volume and can invest a comfortable amount.

  • User-friendly interface and detailed money managers statistics.
  • Wide selection of trading strategies with different levels of risk:

    conservative, aggressive, customizable.


Through Building a Sub-Affiliate Network

Attract affiliates under your management, build your affiliate network and get additional income with their results.
  • Up to 10 levels of sub-affiliates.
  • Support in developing your business and special gifts from us to your best sub-partners.
  • Tutorials on customer acquisition and sales.
  • Professional CRM system with detailed statistics and automatic reports.
  • Customizable payout terms and conditions to help you build your network.
  • Personalized user acquisition tools.

About Grand Capital

17+ years in the market
20+ international business awards

A proven track record of excellence

Established partnerships

Most of our current affiliates have been partners for over 10 years in a row

Regulated by The Financial Commission

Every client's claim is insured for €20,000

1,500,000+ clients
144 countries

How much do our partners earn - real cases


The partner conducts training seminars and coaching for beginner traders.

  • 1 478 — referral link clicks
  • 79 — new registrations
  • 4 127 — total active clients
  • 612 USD — average deposit

This month, partner earned 39 714 USD


The partner attracts traders through advertising on social networks.

  • 2 880 — referral link clicks
  • 50 — new registrations
  • 46 — total active clients
  • 196 USD — average deposit

This month, partner earned 3 299 USD


Partner manages the community of traders and the Telegram channel.

  • 566 — referral link clicks
  • 21 — new registrations
  • 16 — total active clients
  • 3 624 USD — average deposit

This month, partner earned 6 900 USD

How to start making money with us

  • Sign in and open an IB account in the Private Office.
  • Receive a call from your manager and negotiate a payout model.
  • Explore company's products and services, choose your method of customer acquisition.
  • Acquire traders, use your referral link.
  • Get reward daily.

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